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Nordisk Film ShortCut has shutdown its Swedish operations.
Nordisk Film ShortCut has shutdown its Swedish operations.

Please contact our Danish team at or Norwegian team at for help with any ongoing or new projects.

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The Wizard’s Daughter
The characters from the TV-series are back.

In this stand-alone adventure, featuring characters from a popular TV series, foundling Charlie meets a wizard at the travelling fair. He shows her a world of magic and exciting adventures, but what secret is he hiding?

Shortcut is really happy to have been involved in this wonderful and vibrant production. 

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Chasing the edge - Speed is not enough

Sebastian Vettel and his two challengers, Pan Xiaoting and Parker Kligerman, unleash the 560bhp Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge prototype, on Eau Rouge.
This is the plot for this worldwide internet social media challenge. Including over 50 filmclips exploring the challengers improvements and progress driving the Q50 on the famous Belgian racing court "Spa-Francorchamps".

SHORTCUT: Online | Grading

Director: Brennan Stasiewicz
Production company: B-Reel
Agency: TBWA\ Hong Kong

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The post commercial division... the Stockholm office has now been up and running for 7 months.

We will take this oppurtunity to thank our clients we have had the pleasure working with so far. Thanks ACNE, Camp David, B-Reel, Folke Film, Film De Liberte, Miss Harry, Sara Haag, Måns Nyman, Berntzon&Bylund, Framelab, House of Radon, Cabomba, Minnesota, Deportivo.

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Veronica Maggio promo
It was a pleasure working together with the Grammis-nominated director Måns Nyman on this project.

The idea of a burning room with two of Swedens most popular artists in it, takes things to a new level. To solve the task at hand director Måns Nyman and producer Frida Klarker contacted Shortcut at an early stage. Together with Panorama SFX the solution was to shot plates of fire and the talent against greenscreen. All of this was combined in post and details like heathaze and lights effects were added to make things come together. Shortcut also provided onset supervision and digital grading.

Joel Bringmark

Ola Bäccman

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Joel Bringmark 2013 Showreel
We are proud to present our new team.

Senior Flame/Vfx artist Joel Bringmark is teaming up with producer Douglas Wahlberg to start up a new division at Shortcut Stockholm. Together with the rest of the team we are taking this post boutique to the next level. As of now we offer online/vfx alongside grading. 

Together with our friends at the Oslo and Copenhagen offices we have a really strong backbone to be able to take on the most challenging tasks. Looking forward to see you in the near future.

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The Reunion by Anna Odell
We are very proud to be co-producers to this film.

Swedish artist Anna Odell invites us to a grim class reunion with a twist. What happens when old hierarchies and truths are questioned from an unexpected voice? Återträffen investigates how far, too far reality is. It traverses the border between fiction and reality with Odell playing the main character, using her own identity and life story to go into unspoken and invisible hierarchical structure. By processing the story in multiple layers, the complexity of power and exclusion is revealed and the dynamics of the group is exposed. /Venice Filmfestival